Oldie but goldie

The song of tradition.

Abird has been flying in the center of Bolzano for years. His singing, recognised by all. He whistles rich stories from yesterday and today. His nest is in these ancient `stuben´ where locals and tourists alike, stop and listen, drinking and enjoying South Tyrolean hospitality. Every once in a while they even start dancing. Vögele is his name and his song is the delights of good food, good wine and even better company.

When the little bird whistles

The tavern

Monday - Saturday
08.00 - 01.00

a table

The kitchen

Monday - Saturday
11.00 - 16.00
18.00 - 23.00

The card,
the menu

Traditional South Tyrolean roast

Homemade pasta

Classic dumplings


We are family: Gloriette Guesthouse Soprabolzano

The new restaurant on the 2nd floor